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FileMaker Licensing for Teams

FileMaker Licensing for Teams

FileMaker Licensing for Teams is a simple way for teams of 5 or more people to license FileMaker software for their users. Purchase of FileMaker Licensing for Teams includes FileMaker Server and User Connections.

Each user requires a User Connection. User Connections allow clients — including FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect — to connect to FileMaker Server. Each user may connect to FileMaker Server with only one client at a time.

FileMaker Licensing for Teams requires the installation of FileMaker Server 15 for Teams.

Your users may use any client (FileMaker Pro 15 (for User Connections), FileMaker Go 15, or FileMaker WebDirect) to access FileMaker Server 15 for Teams, but they must first sign in to FileMaker Server 15 for Teams. Users may use only one client at a time.

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While purchasing FLT Annual you will get a FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced for free.

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FileMaker Licensing for Teams FAQ


What is a user?

A user is a unique person who creates or uses apps to view, enter, or modify data with iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, or the web using the FileMaker Platform.

Why is FileMaker, Inc. offering FileMaker Licensing for Teams?

Many people use iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, or the web throughout their day. Licensing by device is complicated because it forces you to figure out what devices people are using. It is much easier to determine how many users you have.

What if I need a number of users that is between tiers?

User licensing is sold in tiers of 5. If your total number of users is in between tiers, you should purchase the next tier up. For example, if you have 8 users, you would purchase the “Up to 10 Users” tier.

I am developing and testing my custom app on FileMaker Server 15.
Am I permitted to use multiple devices and clients at the same time for testing purposes?

Yes. Using multiple clients (FileMaker Pro 15 (for User Connections), FileMaker Go 15, or FileMaker WebDirect), at the same time is permitted for testing purposes. However, each client will be counted as a user so it advised to do this when other users do not require access.

I currently license concurrent connections. Do I need to change to the new FileMaker Licensing for Teams?

No, but you may want to consider it at the time of your renewal.

For existing concurrent connections that you’ve licensed prior to the release of the FileMaker 15 Platform, you may renew those connections at the standard renewal pricing based on the FileMaker 14 concurrent connection pricing. You may also add connections at the FileMaker Licensing for Teams add connection price. This will allow you to continue to deploy your concurrent connections.

After May 9, 2018, the price for concurrent connections will be 3 times the price of the same number of users under FileMaker Licensing for Teams.

Starting with version 15, concurrent connections will work with FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) on Windows and Mac, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Please contact us at sales@winsoft-international.com to help lock in your price or move to FileMaker Licensing for Teams.

Does FileMaker, Inc. offer concurrent connections for new customers?

Yes, if you have anonymous users or occasional users, concurrent connections may be the best licensing method. Contact us at sales@winsoft-international.com for more information.

Can I use FileMaker Pro 15 (for User Connections) with an older version of FileMaker Server (e.g. FileMaker Server 12, 13, 14)?

FileMaker Pro 15 (for User Connections) is designed to work with FileMaker Server 15 for Teams. To connect to FileMaker Server 14 or 13.0.9, FileMaker Pro 15 (for User Connections) must first connect to FileMaker Server 15 and maintain an active connection.

What is the difference between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro (for User Connections)?

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) have exactly the same feature set. This includes peer-to-peer, authoring, and opening local files. The difference is that FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) has to be connected to FileMaker Server at all times.

Can I use FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) offline?

No. FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) only works when connected to FileMaker Server. In situations where it may be difficult to stay connected to FileMaker Server, you should purchase FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced.

When does FileMaker Licensing for Teams use up a user connection?

Each user may connect to FileMaker Server using only one client at a time. FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect are clients. In the case of FileMaker WebDirect, each web browser tab open and connected to FileMaker Server counts as a separate client.

If one user accesses more than one FileMaker Server using a single client, a user connection is required for each FileMaker Server accessed by that user.

How does FileMaker Pro Advanced work with FileMaker Licensing for teams?

FileMaker Pro Advanced can connect to a FileMaker Server included with FileMaker Licensing for Teams and will not count as a user connection. FileMaker Pro Advanced can be purchased separately.

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