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Serif PhotoPlus X5

Serif PhotoPlus X5

Take photos then make them great with PhotoPlus X5. Use it to edit, enhance, and organise your entire image collection. Remove red eye, restore old photos, add amazing effects and everything in between. You can even perform advanced tasks like editing Raw files, HDR image merging and more.

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Fast, Powerful and Intuitive Photo Editing

• Incredibly easy to use interactive ‘How To’ guides and great tutorials

• Apply non-destructive adjustments and filters

• Create stunning photo effects with easy High Dynamic Range (HDR) image merging

• Quickly and accurately remove people and objects from photographs

• Bring old and damaged photos back to life with restore and repair tools

• View, organize and share images with PhotoPlus Organiser

• Compatible with all popular image formats including Raw files

Enrich your work with enhanced language features in PhotoPlus

Advanced language features for Europe & South America

Explore more possibilities with advanced language features for many languages including:
- localized environment (menus, dialog boxes and documentation) in Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

- support for 31 languages and typographic control (text tools and dialog boxes): Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norvegian (Bokmal), Norvegian (Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese (Europe), Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Serbian (Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Enrich your work with enhanced language features in PhotoPlus

Advanced language features for the Middle East

Explore more possibilities with advanced language features for many languages including: 
- localized documentation depending on the version in Arabic, Hebrew, English or French (Help, HowTo, Middle Eastern user guide)

- typographic controls for Arabic, Urdu, Fasi, Syriac, Sindhi, Hebrew, Yiddish:
• choose the digit set:
Latin, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Syriac, Sindhi, Hebrew, Yiddish
• position the vowels/diacritics
• turn on/off the ligatures
- layout controls to set the direction in your document: paragraph and character direction

- bi-directional text flow to let you easily mix Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right text within the same paragraph with the possibility of combining Arabic or Hebrew (written from right to left) and/or Roman text (written from left to right) according to your design needs.

Get professional results with PhotoPlus

Get professional results

PhotoPlus X5 has all the tools you need to give a professional finish to your photos. Edit Raw files from popular digital SLR cameras in a dedicated Raw Studio. Easily change white balance, highlights, and exposure as well as reduce noise, reduce chromatic aberration, adjust bit depth and more.
Professional 16-bit image support offers greater colour depth, which allows for finer colour control, precise image reproduction, smoother colour transitions, and less banding in gradients and vignettes.
Merge photos with different exposure settings to create jaw-dropping pictures that have an amazing colour range. You can always edit these 16-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) images further in PhotoPlus X5 if you need to.

Edit photos fast with PhotoPlus

Edit photos fast!

Apply popular adjustments quickly using the PhotoFix studio in PhotoPlus X5. Intuitive tools make it easy to remove red eye, spots, and blemishes too, plus you can quickly straighten slanted photos and crop images to any size.
Make your photos look great with fast and easy adjustments to white balance, curves, hue, saturation and more. All adjustments can be applied to the entire picture or specific areas of a photograph too with the easy-to-use mask brush. And with the non-destructive editing in PhotoPlus X5, you can revert your photos back to their original state, just as they were before you started editing.

Organize and share with PhotoPlus

Organize and share

Keep on top of your growing image collection and find your photos fast with the new PhotoPlus Organiser. It's ideal for anyone who regularly searches for pictures on their computer because it displays all your images at once, making your favourites easy to find.
Create virtual albums, group similar photos together in stacks, view your photos where they were taken on a GoogleTM Map of the world and tag & rate your photos to make finding the one you want easy. Plus, with one click, you can upload your photos directly to Facebook® or Flickr® - great for sharing with your friends, family, or the world. It's all quick and easy to do in PhotoPlus X5!

Be creative with PhotoPlus

Be creative

Turn your photos into works of art, copying classic styles like watercolour, oil, impressionist and more in one click! Or for more traditional enhancements, there are plenty of filters to add stylish effects like film grain, lens flare, page curls and more.
Take people and objects from one photo and place them in another using the intuitive and easy-to-use Cutout Studio. Add text, complete with effects like drop shadow and reflection, to any image - perfect for adding captions and comments.
Calibrate your graphics tablet's pressure-sensitivity with the built-in studio to paint or draw with lifelike brush and pen strokes. There are lots of brushes and textures to choose from or you can even create your own.

System requirements


Minimum requirements
- Windows-based PC with DVD/CD drive and mouse (main processor must support SSE2 instructions)
- Microsoft Windows® XP* SP2 (32 bit), Windows Vista, or Windows 8 & 7 operating system
- 512MB RAM
- 833MB free hard disk space (an additional 671MB required for Serif Photo Projects)
- 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

Optional Requirements
- Windows-compatible printer
- TWAIN compatible scanner and/or digital camera
- Pressure-sensitive pen tablet
- Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources

- *Requires Microsoft Windows Imaging Component.
- Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large and/or complex images.
- Internet connection required for accessing full set of tutorial videos. Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or above required to view learning zone resources.

  • Example with PhotoPlus
  • Example with PhotoPlus
  • Example with PhotoPlus
  • Text direction in PhotoPlus
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